DIY Garage Storage Favorite Plans

DIY Garage Storage Favorite Plans

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DIY Garage Storage Favorite Plans
Happy New Year all!  2017 feels optimistic and bright, with hope for a good year, full of health, happiness and gratefulness.   We’ve got lots planned for the year, with a big push to get moved into our new house this coming summer.  We also have a tiny house to finish up for a client, […]

Happy New Year all!  2017 feels optimistic and bright, with hope for a good year, full of health, happiness and gratefulness.  

We’ve got lots planned for the year, with a big push to get moved into our new house this coming summer.  We also have a tiny house to finish up for a client, a skate shack to build for our community, and we are hoping to convert our cabin shed into a bunk house for guests in 2017.  Would I be crazy to throw in that I want to give a fresh new makeover, and do some amazing things with Pine + Main?  

One thing I’ve learned over the years is if you make your processes easier and more efficient, you’ll spend your time creating progress instead of wasting time on inefficient processes.

The right storage is of course the key to creating these efficient processes.  I believe everyone should know how to use a drill and a saw so they can create a custom furnished home, designed specifically around their family’s patterns and storage needs.  And if you can build, you can keep up with your family’s changing needs as children grown and interests evolve.  Just a few years ago, I had no idea that a third of my garage storage would need to be dedicated to hockey gear – back then I couldn’t see past the baby dolls and dress up costumes.

With a New Year, fresh full of ambition and goals, it’s the perfect time to get organized and find a place for all that stuff.  I always recommend starting with the garage.  If you can put away the bulk of the things, just leaving out your everyday needs, life will be much simpler.  

Today I thought I’d share with you a couple of my all time favorite diy garage storage solutions.


DIY Garage Storage – For Stud Walls

If you have a wood framed garage wall, look no further, you won’t find an easier or cheaper way to diy garage storage than this –

This diy garage shelving build is all about how it’s built …

Simply screw 2x4s to studs in your wall wherever you want a shelf.  You can put a shelf at any height.  You can custom fit over bicycles or strollers, or place heights perfectly for tote storage.

Then tack screw a second 2×4 the same size right over the first one.  Add legs where needed ….

And then untack the second shelf board from the first, and you have a perfectly duplicated outer leg for your garage shelving.

From there, you can add a few cross supports, and attach the outer leg back on, and throw plywood shelving on top.

If you have stud wall, and are looking for sturdy, fast, easy and inexpensive diy garage storage, this is the plan I would recommend.

We love how this project turned out, and went on to build it multiple times.

Many of you have built these garage shelves as well –

Thanks for fantastic plans Ana!!  My 12yr old son and I knocked these out in an afternoon. – Guest submitted brag post



I’m so grateful for these plans! … This project was so fast and easy — I put them together one night after the kids went to bed.  –Utility Room Shelves by Guest Brag Post


Wanted some easy storage shelving that didn’t break the bank.  These were perfect!  …  Lumber was only $58.68 and I bought and extra 8 foot 2×4, so it could have been slightly cheaper!  –Very Easy Garage Shelving Brag Post by Guest


If you have a stud wall to anchor shelving to in your garage, this is THE must build project.  The full tutorial is here, please do share if you build.


DIY Garage Storage – Free Standing

But what happens if you have concrete garage walls?  Or are renting and can’t anchor to the walls?  

The easiest way I’ve found to build free standing shelving is this –

Build a leg set for every 3-4 feet of shelving plus one more for the end.

Then just attach 2×4 at your desired shelving length on top of the leg ladders.

The benefits of this type of shelving are less wasted space of shelving structure, economical design, easy to build, and you can build up to 24′ long without having to splice boards.

We are pretty excited about all the build posts from this plan!

This was an easy project to complete in an afternoon that does not require any advance woodworking skills.  Great Plan for Garage Shelf by edapina


Very easy garage shelving – Great Shelving, easy to do by familymed_doc


I LOVE how these turned out! They are a strong as a ladder (we tested them… :)) and they hold everything I need them to, and a little bit more. It’s a definite improvement on my previously messy, cluttered, saw-dust covered space … 🙂 – 2×4 Garage Shelves Built into Basement Storage by Noelleskaya


The project was actually pretty easy and really only took me about a days worth of work.Loving These Shelves by woody311


Thank you for the plans!  Love the shelves!  – Guest submitted brag post


This is my first project ever built. I can’t thank you enough for this site. I already have several other projects I want to build around the house because of this site. Thank you so much! Garage Shelves by Queequeg



Thanks to Ana’s 2×4 storage plan and a neighbor’s discarded kitchen cabinets we now have a very clean and convenient storage area  in our garage.  It even features a work bench and sorting area.  Estimated Cost:  40-50 dollars. Garage Storage by Smokeydog



Thank you everyone who has built and shared, I’m blown away by your creativitiy and awesomeness!  Now let’s see what you got, let’s get those garages organized!

XO Ana







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